Friday, September 23, 2011


It never seems to fail…

When I first checked into my current digs at The Lanna Hotel…I said to myself…
hey this is nice …centrally located…and “everything”…down to a full buffet International 
breakfast is included. So even though at first glance…the THB11000 ($358) cost for the 
month seemed high for Chiang Mai…well it really wasn’t.

Considering the fact that the above cost included a decent sized room…cable TV…wi-fi…
refrigerator…a comfy king-sized bed…a modern bathroom with amenities…daily maid 
service and topped off with Daily Breakfast Buffet…well I still feel that there is something 

There are…actually a couple of things missing…what you ask?     
Well…once in awhile I do like to prepare a meal or two (as opposed to eating out all the time)
so a cooktop at the very least would be nice. If one has a cooking area then a sink would be 
not only useful…but helpful…right?

The other item that would really be appreciated…would be a balcony of some sort.
This incidentally would most likely…not be used often as it’s usually too warm (hot?). 
But in the evening… definitely!

Now the other “side of the coin” would be…to fall back on my original plan…
this being…to rent a Condo.

The upside…is that there is a fair to goodly chance that…for less money…one can 
expect in most cases....a swimming pool, and usually a gym on the premises…plus the 
above mentioned amenities…(yes for about $300).  This incidentally...
would not include the monthly cost of those amenities (which can add up).

The big downside is that one must sign a lease of varying length…which will determine 
the amount of deposit (and rent amount) one must make. I have found one place that I do favor…
but I would need to layout the first…last…and one additional month security. So…
that is 3 months rent paid up front…and that my friends…is a very big chunk of change when 
one is living on Social Security.

Now I’m not complaining but…one needs to manage monies that are available without 
breaking the bank…so to speak!

So…for now yours truly is in a bit of a quandary.
Do I stay where I am and know what I have...or...
do I start too seriously begin my search for a condo? Hmmmmm!!!

To tell you the truth…I’m leaning towards staying put.
At least I know that I have a fixed amount to pay every month (with no guesswork)…
no lease and no multiple month payouts!
So….the only thing I can say now is…”I’m Not Sure” soooo….stay tuned J

In Search of a Coffee Shop:

Yes…and as you most likely have seen in my posted photos…we have Starbucks in 
Chiang Mai and yes…like everywhere else on this planet Starbucks is not inexpensive!

Anyway today I took a small walk…in the opposite direction from the other days walk…
specifically to give some of my business to Wawee Coffee. Now Wawee Coffee is a fairly 
large chain in these parts (and probably elsewhere). The coffee is very good (if not better than Starbucks) and also costs a bit less. J

What I like about this particular Wawee Coffee is that for the patrons (like myself) who...
like sipping “al fresco”…they have “misters” which lend a very nice and cooling atmosphere 
while sitting in the shaded areas…very relaxing J

As you can see in the following pics…this Wawee Coffee…although almost dead-center of 
Old Chiang Mai City…is part of a small shopping area that includes a “green” sitting area 
of it’s own. One can get quite used to enjoying this town J

Sorry...but for some reason my downloaded pic files are being rejected. 
Hopefully the next Blog it'll be nicer to me :(

So my friends that is about all from this "far eastern country" known as  the “Land of Smiles“...
i.e Thailand.

Oh one other thing

hopefully I will have some “new” news..regarding meeting a new friend of the 
Female (Thai) persuasion. I’ve so far...been in contact via the Internet and spoke with 
her over the phone (yes she speaks pretty good English). So…
more on this as it develops J

‘till next time J


  1. Gary has left a new comment on your post "Getting my Residency Paperwork started!":

    Are you saying you once lived in my apartment? What kind of Dr. is the owner that cost $300? We had an appointment with him but the Agent got in the middle and raised the rent $20 a month and bagged $280. She also lives in this building. She was going to get the lease notarized and registered with the Municipal. But my copy had no stamps on it and I have been told I would have had to go to the notary with her!
    How long did you live here? and did the Dr. give you a lease. I am afraid this women might pop up in Dec. and try to get more $ of of me.

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  2. hi Barry are you still blogging???