Saturday, October 8, 2011

Woman...Food & A Roof Over Ones Head

The PRIM thing…
On again…then off again…but not sure. Now…maybe on.
As of our last on-line contact today (Oct 4)…it seems she lost her cellphone.
Anyway looks like things may get back on whatever track things may have been on.
We’ll see!

Otherwise things are basically at a standstill. Being sans motorbike (i.e. wheels) makes things
a bit harder. However I am getting a good bit of exercise via walking…
which BTW is a good thing! I do however have my eye on a somewhat expensive 
(for Thailand) toy i.e motorbike.


…after all one needs to have a way to get around town and it’s environs.

What can I say that I haven’t already said in the past?
I AM LOVIN’ IT!                     

After Ecuador with (on average) its bland uninspiring food… my mouth and yes…
the rest of me is…how can I put this…ecstasy might be a bit much as a descriptive word but…
damn close too it J.

Along this same train of thought i.e. food…the abundance of Thai restaurants 
(plus whatever type of food one may desire) in Chiang Mai (and I’m assuming 
country-wide) is mind-boggling. That said…they are ALL good. So fear not…
if and or when you come to visit or stay here…finding affordable (if not downright cheap
food is definitely “not a hardship”. Keeping in mind that the average Thai restaurants 
as a whole…are nothing to look at. However (at least as I see it)…one does not go to a 
restaurant in Chiang Mai…solely for its ambiance. Yes…you can find upscale restaurants 
and yes…they have good Thai food along with the high-end look and high prices 
(some might even rival the higher prices of first world standards). 
That said…personally…give me a small local restaurant (some may even go so far as to 
call it a “dive”) without any of the aforementioned “ambience”…and I can almost assure 
you that…your taste buds will be…happy happy happy J J.

To give you an idea of what I am trying to convey to you…the following is what I had 
for lunch on this average day. Yes it was simple…
in a non-descript restaurant and ohhh so very good J :
One bowl of "Kao Soy Moo" (pronounced…cow soy moo) which is (and you have your 
choice of meats) soup with minced or sometimes sliced pork…fried thin noodles…
soft noodles (think wide(ish) pasta) in which one adds…wide-sliced onions and …
not sure of the name’s a green vegetable. This goes into your soup and according to 
your taste…one would also add various spices that are placed on the table 
(add a little at a time ‘cause you may be adding some really heavy spices and not know it).

In addition to the "Kow Soy Moo" was…
One dish of  “Morning Glory” which is an actual green “thin leafy” plant. 
Nuts and other spices are added and of course one can always add the provided table spices…
as I did. This on top of some white rice…yummyJ

Normally I would have had a beer with lunch but today was bottled water…which by the way…
actually complimented the other dishes in a cleansing sort of way.
Cost for this delicious and I might add…healthy lunch was THB90 or US$2.89.         
No tip and NONE expected (another plus)J

MOVING (One Mo’ Time J)
After listening to my friend Vivien (of Vivien & Roger) and…she setting this up…
well today I looked at a house (yes I said house) for rent in a neighborhood that can only 
be called “an outlying area” of Chiang Mai City. The area is known as Hang Dong 
(that’s pronounced Haang Daahng).

This is similar but a lot more upscale…compared to the last place I lived in during my 
previous years in Thailand. 

The house is in a “manned gated-community” and is two levels with marble and wood 
(depending on the room) floors, lots and lots of windows providing an open-air look...
two (2) kitchens (one Thai style)...3 bedrooms…3 baths… a good size living room and 
dining room, an open office area…storage area…balcony off master bedroom...
a decent sized grassy area surrounding the house with a covered patio for BBQing and a 
covered car-park…and it’s furnished (nicely).

The Moo Bahn (village) also has available and free to all residents...a swimming pool and
an enclosed physical fitness area.

Being that Vivien is good friends with the owner (a Thai attorney)…well she talked her 
into reducing the rental price from THB20,000 p. mo to THB10,000 p. mo. That’s…
$647.00 down to $323.00 a month with by the deposit or security payments.
The carrying cost...of course excludes electric and water which carries an approximate
 price tag of maybe $20 bucks for the month. Internet and cable prices are an unknown 
factor…at this point but is “not” exorbitant.

So…yes…even though it’s further from town that I would like…
I’ve decided to take it J.

At first I said I would move in on or about the 18th of this month however…after thinking a bit…
I’ve decided to wait until the beginning of next month (November
This way I don’t have to feel rushed as…I think...being "rushed"...
is against the law in Thailand J J J

That’s ‘bout it for now folks so...until next time…enjoy the moment J

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